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Egyptological Odyssey

Update and re-opening of Egyptological Odyssey happening in mid-late August 2018!

Have you ever wanted to be apart of an Egyptological dig but are not able to physically be in Egypt or do the work? Why not show your love of ancient Egypt by helping fund a dig? Any amount helps! Funding helps secure workers, equipment, a boat with sleeping quarters (Dehabeeyah) and can possibly help extend the dig from December 2018 to January or even February 2019!! Any amount helps, honestly! Go to the following link to learn more about the Gebel el Silsila kickstarter and to donate;  also show your support by sharing the link:




Egyptological Odyssey. This name embodies my passion and personal journey towards my career in Egyptology.

On this site you can watch my progress and view my past experiences.

Join me on this journey.

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